Such a Sunday

Went to bed and almost forgot to blog.


The art of the Bildmuseet

Hej allihopa! Today I visited a new exhibition at the local modern art museum, called Bildmuseet. The exhibition ties together the world of physics and art - not exactly a new idea, but the pieces I have seen today are an inspiration. I particularly liked the tree picture, which looks like Jr's stepping from the... Continue Reading →

My first curling game

Hej allihopa! Today I tried curling for the first time, and oh boy, was it fun! I was never into one particular kind if sport, but this time I fell in love! It's so much fun, it's dangerous and cold, but it's also a competition which makes you gather your strength and keep trying to... Continue Reading →

A long walk

Hej allihopa! This evening my back hurts a lot, my squats are burning, and my lungs are refreshed with cold evening air. This evening I felt so burnt out at work, that I hurried home quarter past five, which is rather unusual change of schedule to me. This week a new colleague has joined our... Continue Reading →

Much excite

Hej allihopa! This evening I am not feeling down - for the first time in weeks! Maybe it's because a big shiny orb made an appearance over Umeå today - it was shining very bright! Maybe it's because I got to tailor my day around people I like, or maybe because I settled out to... Continue Reading →

Not too bad – a poem

Rain isn't that bad When it doesn't stop, It becomes the new normal. Drop by drop - The new life. What's the use to complain, and to whom? No one. It's not too bad, Just a week and you're used to it. I wish other things Were as easy to live with, As puddles and... Continue Reading →

Uninspiring – a poem

Hurts without inspiration: Leaving and being left; Ironically, there are still rhymes For those who wish to forget. Speaking and telling the truth - This one is simple; Closing doors in the face - History's repetitive rhythm. Admitting the end, Facing reality in an obscure mirror. Farewell, former friends. No fear.

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